apo eleni me agapi

Big time StealEdit

Kendal:Jo where are you?

Jo:I am for shopping therapy with Cammil in the Mall.

Kendal:OK.See u soon my baby!

Some mins ago

Kendal:*open the tv*That movie is boring.

- News time this time,on Mall centre done a robbery.The 2 criminals,stole with money and two beautiful girls Jo Taylor and Cammil...


L:*talk with James and Carlos*What happened?

K:Stole Cammil&Jo!


Logan:What r we doing now?

James:Now or after,they'll call us because they'll want 2tell us what they want.

Carlos:He has right.

Kendal:I CAN'T WAIT!

1hour ago

Kendal:Guys wake up!The phone rings!

Logan:Well reply!


?:Man,if u don't give me $15.000,ur girlfriends will die!I 'm waiting u til Wednesday morning.UNDERSTAND?


Logan:what he tell u?

K:He wants $15.000 til Wednesday's morning!OMG!

C:Give me the creeps!

James:Let's find jobs!

L:Good idea!

James:I'm gonna to find a modeling work.Let's go Katy!

Logan&Kendal:Easy solution!BABY SITTING!


1DAY ago

Jo:The Daylight...

Kendal:Yes!The money are $15.010!

C:Call him!

James:I have something to do.

Kendal went and gave him the money but after take again because the police arrested the criminals.

Jo:thanks Kendal!*kisses him*

Cammil:Thanks Loggie*kisses him*

James:hey we help u too!

Girls:thanks then!-END

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